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Meet Jane | Parent Coach

Jane’s dedication to family communications, learning styles, and her passion for facilitating workshops make her an invaluable resource for parents seeking positive transformations in their relationships with their children.

Austin Rogers, RLA Founder

In an effort to constantly be reviewing and improving our Wellness Adventure program, Rooted Life Adventures is now introducing Parent Coaching with the expert guidance of Jane Samuel, MA, CPC. This will keep us aligned with our ultimate mission of giving top tier support to students and families.

With the experience of our first program under our belts, we believe giving parents further support is necessary to align our holistic approach. Three (3) sessions at the beginning of the program, and three (3) sessions at the end, will be given to prepare families to aid in students adjusting to program life and during reintegration back home.

Meet Our Parent Coach

Career Achievements

Jane Samuel, MA, CPC

Bachelor of Science, Weber State University
Master of Arts, Brigham Young University

• 50+ years in educational settings, including public school
• 5 therapeutic settings including therapeutic boards and young adult transitional programs

Trained in:
• parent coaching

Specializes in:
• family communication systems
• learning styles
• adoption
• learning styles

A life-long educator and counselor, Jane Samuel, MA, CPC brings a lifetime of experience working with children, teen, young adults (spanning ages 8 to 25) and their families. She has served as an Admission Director, Program Director and Executive Director in 5 therapeutic settings.

In addition to her undergraduate and graduate work, she has college course work in family communications systems, working with learning issues and styles.

Parent coaching supports parents in developing the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for effective parenting. It involves working with a trained and certified parent coach or counselor who provides guidance, education, and support to parents as they navigate the challenges and complexities of raising children.

Jane loves creating and facilitating workshops for parents. She co-led family wilderness expeditions for young adults and their parents for 8 years, focusing on helping parents and young adults redefine their relationships for the future.

Today, Jane continues to offer Parent Coaching to families with children, teen and young adults in specialized settings. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Benefits of a Parent Coach

Key aspects of parent coaching include:

  1. Education: Parent coaches provide parents with information and resources related to child development, behavior, and parenting techniques. They help parents understand the developmental stages of their children and provide insights into age-appropriate expectations.
  2. Skill-building: Acquire and refine your communication skills, discipline strategies, problem-solving techniques, and conflict resolution methods.
  3. Personalized Support: Parent coaching is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each family. Coaches work with parents to identify their unique challenges and goals and develop strategies to address them.
  4. Empowerment: Make informed decisions and take an active role in your child’s life. Coaches encourage parents to trust their instincts and build confidence in their parenting abilities.
  5. Conflict Resolution: Learn how to manage and resolve conflicts within the family, including sibling rivalry, behavioral issues, and parent-child conflicts.
  6. Stress Reduction: Learn how to manage stress and find healthy ways to cope with the demands of parenting.
  7. Positive Parenting: Approach the most important job in the world with positivity. A parent coach will emphasize the importance of building strong, healthy relationships with children based on trust, respect, and open communication.
  8. Goal Setting: Set specific parenting goals and develop action plans to achieve them. This can be particularly helpful for addressing long-term parenting challenges.
  9. Accountability: Stay accountable to your parenting goals and commitments with your parent coach providing ongoing support and encouragement.

Wrap Around Care

Our team will continue to facilitate students remaining in contact with their support system while on program, including their at-home therapist. Our on-site Field Wellness Director Amalia Gamboa, who works alongside students 24/7, will continue to provide in-the-moment coaching, and report back to each student’s at-home therapist about challenges, gains, and skills they are focusing on.

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