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Based out of New Zealand

Small group adventure travel abroad with mental health support

Meet the Founder

Austin Rogers

Executive Director,


Austin comes from a background of Gap Year adventure and experiential learning programs. After years of working with outdoor educational programs for young adults all over the world, she recognised an increasing number of adolescents suffering from mental health challenges and the growing need for increased mental health support in programs. In addition, Gen Z students have demonstrated a craving for learning about emotional intelligence, social justice, identity, and empathy with an acute attention to their mental and emotional wellbeing like never before.

With the growing need of mental health support in students she went into a research deep dive and it became clear that there were no programs holding the space between Gap Year and full on Adventure Therapy, which can be overwhelming and with a price tag out of reach for most families.

After several white board concept meetings, we found that most families had already spent intentional time finding a therapist they trusted. Instead of replacing this resource, we created a psychoeducational adventure program that partners virtually with student’s own therapists creating a forward-thinking, holistic alternative to traditional adventure therapy programming tailor made for the post- pandemic Gen Z student.

Engaging, Immersive, Unforgettable

Our Mission:

Rooted Life Adventures utilizes a dynamic range of outdoor adventure excursions, cultural immersion, volunteer service learning, psychoeducational curriculum and wrap-around mental health support to empower young people to develop a core sense of self, belonging, capability, and purpose.

Whom do we serve?

Adolescents ages 14-17 & Young Adults ages 17-24:

Throughout history, adolescence has been a time of exploration, identity seeking, and finding belonging. However today’s young people are met with unprecedented challenges that exacerbate these needs, including a worldwide pandemic that robbed youth of critical mental, emotional, and social development.

Additionally, with the accessibility of media, adult content is exposed to young brains that do not have the physiological development to comprehend and respond with reason and skills. Without the proper tools, their brains process these issues as fear which in turn creates astounding rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness. By adjusting their environment and building skills to manage emotional overload, young people can build resilience and find belonging through authentic connection.

What makes us different?

Our program combines outdoor adventure experiences, group living, problem solving, and therapeutic framework in a safe and empathetic environment for personal growth. In this setting, participants are able to increase feelings of social connectedness, self-esteem, and self compassion resulting in a therapeutic experience that is both effective and the adventure of a lifetime.

What sets us apart?

Rooted Life Adventures is small group adventure travel abroad with mental health support.

We have a therapeutic coach on site 24/7 to facilitate group cohesion and deliver the psychoeducational core curriculum and wellness workshops.

We are the first and only program utilizing every participant’s current at home talk therapist to meet virtually with their client on program to achieve weekly common goals and skill building objectives. By doing this, participants will have a cohesive experience ultimately resulting in seamless continuity of care and supported transition to and from program.

We do not have rolling admissions, instead we have specific program dates so that all students start and end together, grow together, and spend the full 6/8/10 weeks living in community with each other allowing them to build meaningful, long-lasting friendships.

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves.”

-Andre Gide

Interested in joining the movement?

We are always looking for talented, bright, enthusiastic people to join our team. If you feel like you would make a great addition to Rooted Life Adventures, please reach out! We are always looking for field instructors and Therapeutic coaches ready to make a difference.

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Fall 2023 Costa Rica 8-Week Program

Young Adults (Ages 17-24) • All Genders

October 6 - November 29, 2023