Financial Information:

Tuition Information:

Rooted Life Adventures is intentionally created to be more financially accessible to families providing sustainable, long term, integrative care.

Tuition Covers:



Program transportation

All program activities

All services on program

On site therapist 24/7

Psychoeducational core curriculum and wellness workshops

Weekly on site therapist and at home talk therapist coordination

Pre-Travel Virtual Orientation

Tuition Does Not Cover:

Participants talk therapists weekly virtual meetings

Flights to/from program

Health and travel Insurance

Passport fees or visas

Covid-19 testing

Phone Sim cards etc.

Any and all medical or vaccination expenses

Our fees broken down:

10-Week Spring & Fall Program

Enrollment Fee: $2,000

Tuition: $23,000


Total 10-Week Program

6-Week Summer Program

Enrollment Fee: $2,000

Tuition: $15,990


Total 6-Week Program

More Information:


Flights to and from the program are not provided by Rooted Life Adventures, however, we partner with a travel agency, The Travellist, who coordinates with each family to arrange flights, visas, and travel insurance for a stress free and seamless process. 

Students fly to a common international airport in the US and meet up with their program instructors and the entire group flys together to the program location.

Travel Insurance:

There is always risk anytime you travel and we want to make sure our students are covered in case of any unforeseeable event, therefore, we require that every student has travel insurance that covers :

  1. Medical coverage while abroad
  2. Trip cancellation
  3. Trip interruption
  4. Emergency evacuation services.

Our travel agent at The Travelist will walk every family through all insurance options and questions.

Overview of our services

Gap Year Programs
Rooted Life Adventures
Traditional Adventure Therapy Programs
At-home Talk Therapy
Wilderness Therapy Program
Away from home experience
Nature setting
Outdoor experiential learning
Group living
Cultural immersion
Outdoor adventure excursions
Volunteer Service Learning
Home base
Psychoeducational curriculum
Rites of Passage
Whole Person Wellness
Mental Health support
Parent Involvement
Therapy days






Partnership with participants at home talk therapist
Consistency of therapeutic long term care
Therapist on site 24/7 for group management
Provide clinical therapy
On site nurses
Awake overnight staff
Acute mental health treatment
In crisis management
Substance abuse treatment
Behavioral correction
Cost for 10-15 weeks






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