Our Model:

Experiential therapeutic coaching in a wellness environment with optional coordinated virtual visits with your at home clinician


Program Design

It can be very difficult to cultivate meaningful change at home with the chaos of various roles and responsibilities leaving little discretionary time. Our program is intentionally designed to create connection and foster change by taking a small group of young adults on the journey of a lifetime. Students will take on our many intentional program challenges as a team- living together in community sharing a home, embarking on daring adventures out of their comfort zone, diving into cultural immersion to expand their perspective of the world, engaging in hands on volunteer service learning projects to experience purposeful work, and practice stewardship to understand independent living. Travel is a unique tool that offers students an opportunity for exponential growth, a chance to challenge themselves, test their limits, and expand their knowledge of the world and themselves.

On Site Wellness Director & Group Program Experience

A therapeutic coach serves as our Wellness Director and lives on site 24/7 with the student’s for the entirety of the program and is supported by 2 additional field staff. The Wellness Director supports the group’s collective journey by integrating intentional wellness practices into the daily routine as well as facilitating weekly group core session and wellness workshops. Our Wellness Director is able to do in the moment experiential therapeutic coaching, skills development, and social development with the students individually or as a whole. Community is a key element of the program allowing students to create deep meaningful relationships and cultivate a strong sense of belonging. We are one of the few therapeutic programs that allows the students to share a collective journey start to finish for the entire program.



Continuity of Care: Virtual Family Therapist

We prioritise continuity of care by partnering with a family’s current at home therapist. Families have already spent careful time and attention to selecting the right clinical therapist for them, someone they have been diligently working with and knows the student well. We believe this is the best person to support the student through the program as well as sustain their learning while integrating back home. Prior to the program, the student’s therapist will be contacted by our team and be intimately involved through the intake and goal setting process. 

During the program each student will have a weekly appointment with their at-home therapist virtually to discuss their program experience, learning, challenges, and goals. Our program’s Wellness Director will be in contact with each student’s home therapist for holistic care and to fully support each individual student’s development. If a student is not currently seeing a therapist at home and would like to, we are happy to refer one in their home state.

Parent/ Guardian Involvement

Although exponential growth can happen through travel, sustainable growth must happen at home. It is pivotal that parents and guardians are involved in the growth process. Parents are engaged from the start in the intake process, assisting with preparation and goals setting. During the program, our Wellness Director will communicate with parents weekly regarding the group and individual student journey. In addition, all families are offered weekly parent coaching sessions so that the whole family can grow. After the program, parents and at-home therapists will be essential in reintegrating the student back home and supporting the sustainability of the student’s growth at home and help apply that growth to future chapters of their lives.


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Fall 2023 Costa Rica 8-Week Program

Young Adults (Ages 17-24) • All Genders

October 6 - November 29, 2023