Our Programs

Group size: 5-12

6-Week Adolescent: Ages 15-17

10-Week Young Adult: Ages 17-24

Our programs use 8 components to create impactful change:

Independent Living Skills

Students settle into their new home where they will live for the next 10 weeks. Students are responsible for caretaking of the facility and learning stewardship of their space. Students also complete a group long-term project which they leave behind for the next group to add on.


Group living is a key element in our programs. Living together naturally engages the students in conflict resolution, problem solving, empathy, and communication skills. This also creates close peer to peer learning and the confidence that comes from belonging to a supportive community. After spending 10 weeks together students walk away with lifelong friendships.

Outdoor Adventure & Wilderness Exploration Activities

Our programs offer a range of adventure challenges to stretch out of their comfort zone and test their capabilities in activities like hiking, rafting, zip lining, surfing, kayaking, and yoga.

Environmental Volunteer Service Learning

We partner with local organizations to create meaningful service opportunities where students learn about environmental sustainability and give back to the local community, connect with nature, and create a sense of belonging in the world. Activities include working with permaculture farms, wildlife conservations, animal rescue centers, sustainable farms, and eco-centers.

Cultural Immersion

We work with local organizations to curate intentional cultural immersion activities where students can learn about diverse values, worldviews, skills, and life habits. Through this, students expand their worldview and enjoy a global perspective and new lens to view their lives at home. 

Psychoeducational Core Curriculum

With an exclusive curriculum focusing on core beliefs, resilience, interpersonal and relationship skills, the student will increase their self-esteem, communication skills, and build a foundation of personal values and tangible coping skills that will create long lasting connections to themselves, their communities and their goals.

Wellness Workshops

Our Wellness Director conducts weekly wellness workshops tackling the 7 dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, finacial, social, spiritual, and environmental. 

Holistic Care

Wrap-around support is achieved by bringing all student supports into the experience including the participants' at-home talk therapist, parents, instructors, and Wellness Director are all involved in the care of every student enrolled.

A week in the life


Homestead Stewardship: Prepare for the week, clean house, grocery shop, laundry, touch base about upcoming week schedule, Core Curriculum lesson, family dinner


Volunteer Service Learning: working as a team to build new hiking paths to waterfalls and care for the horses


Internship at Animal Rescue Center: Get hands on work experience caring for sloths, monkeys, and toucans and learn about environmental factors that impact the animals


Wellness Workshop with guest speaker and activity, meet virtually with at home therapist, small group discussions, free day for self led wellness and mindful motion


Cultural Immersion: Practice your Spanish at a local market while shopping or at a local elementary school while playing soccer with the kids, private Costa Rican cooking lessons with delicious homemade empanadas for dinner


Adventure Excursion: Head out to one of Costa Rica's gorgeous beaches and catch a wave with private surf lessons


Adventure Excursion: Explore Costa Rica's beautiful national parks and hike through jungle to hidden waterfalls while passing wildlife on the trails

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New Zealand Young Adults

Ages 17-24 • All Genders

10-Week | February 8 - April 17, 2024

6-Week | March 7 - April 17, 2024