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Austin, our Executive Director, features on Success is Subjective podcast!

Working in the Gap Year industry I noticed many student’s had higher needs than what was currently catered for; they needed a higher level of care and more attention was required. It seemed that there are traditional gap year programs, then there’s wilderness therapy – which is a huge jump in both the level of care provided and the price point. I needed to do something

– Austin Rogers, Founder of Rooted Life Adventures

In June 2024, Austin was asked to feature on the Success is Subjective podcast, and she was thrilled to join host Joanna Lilley.

“On today‚Äôs episode of Success is Subjective, Austin Rogers is the executive director of Rooted Life Adventures where she brings experience and passion to her role. She has always sought purposeful work, navigating careers in non-profit, corporate and government sectors before finding her true calling in experiential learning and adventure travel. After moving to New Zealand in 2018, Austin spent 5 years with a leading gap year company that facilitated transformative journeys for over 700 students across 15 countries. She recognized an increasing need for mental health support among adolescents and young adults. She loves to create programs where fun and mental health support co-exist.”

So, what did Austin have to say? How did Rooted Life Adventures come to fruition? Below’s a sneak peak.

“After a year of research, I found that students were struggling with a sense of self – knowing who they were, a sense of belonging – it’s a lonely generation, and they are desperate for authentic connection with others. They want a sense of capability and to feel confident, to have a purpose. They ask themselves, what do I want to do in this world? “

Please click the below link to hear Austin on the Success is Subjective podcast. We think it’s a great resource to find out more about what Rooted Life Adventures do, and to hear Austin talk so passionately about the young people we are committed to supporting.

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