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Why choose

Rooted Life Adventures?

We are the first and only program that makes sure to integrate each student’s current therapist into the program in order to ensure seamless continuity of care and a supported transition home. Our participants meet with their home therapists virtually each week, focusing on the participant’s individual goals and skill building objectives. 

It benefits both your practice and your client.

Rooted Life Adventures partners with therapists to bring referrals, growth opportunities and resource connection to their practice. Client growth is greatly improved when therapists engage in both didactic and experiential components of treatment as learning involves both cognitive and affective processes. 

Collaborating with experiential learning programs is proven to help clients confront their challenges while actively coaching them to explore their emotions and build critical skills. Therapists will engage in wraparound support with our Wellness Director providing a comprehensive, holistic service for the client. Working with various professionals allows for a team-driven approach to wellness, recovery, and sustainable health practices. This wraparound method helps therapists see a holistic view of the student that is strength-based and needs driven.

Working together in the best interest of your client.

Rooted Life Adventures seamlessly integrates therapeutic practices as it requires students to have an at-home therapist that will continue care virtually while active in the program. With your evidence based modalities and our psychoeducational curriculum, together we will create a tailored plan to supplement what clients are already doing in sessions - continuing personal growth while enrolled and even more importantly, continuity when they return home.

Partnering stretches your professional growth.

A clinician's commitment to lifelong learning takes into account the ever-changing world and environment we live in. Being a ‘life-long student’ calls for an intrinsic, voluntary desire to creatively and intentionally learn. Engaging in innovative, enriching opportunities is proven to increase self-reflection, boost creativity, reduce burnout and increase adaptability to change. Join with our program as we strive to create an environment for personal growth from parent, to student, to therapist. 

What We Do vs. What You Do

Rooted Life Adventure's goal is to create an environment for students to thrive by disconnecting from pressures at home to connect with their inner selves. The Wellness Director will be guiding the students through a tailored psychoeducational curriculum challenging their core beliefs and identifying their values while providing opportunities to build their self-concept and social skills.

Our program also uses intentional adventure to challenge students and empower them to engage in personal growth. Rooted Life Adventures does not offer any clinical services. Instead, it provides psychoeducation for mental health and wellness and defers to the at-home therapist to focus on clinical processing. Families spend dedicated time finding the right therapy fit for their child. We want to honor, and build on, that foundation. The therapist will continue therapeutic processing once a week with their client and engage in their ongoing treatment plan while they are in the program. The Wellness Director and therapist will engage in ongoing consultation and collaboration to provide the best outcomes for each specific student. 

How Does it Work?

Rooted Life Adventures participants are expected to already be seeing a mental health professional at home. We want to nurture and enhance this relationship and combine it with a psychoeducational adventure program.

Therapist initiates contact:
  • Therapist is seeing a client experiencing any elements of our student profile.
  • Therapist connects with Rooted Life Adventures to see if our program would be a good fit for their client.
  • Therapist recommends the family consider the Rooted Life Adventures program as an option for additional support.
  • Rooted Life Adventures and client/ family touch base to discuss program fit.
  • Student applies.
Family initiates contact:
  • A family is actively looking for a therapeutic program option for their teen or young adult and finds the Rooted Life Adventures program.
  • Rooted Life Adventures and family connect to discuss program fit.
  • Student applies.
  • Rooted Life Adventures reaches out to the potential participant's therapist to discuss program fit and program collaboration.
  • Rooted Life Adventures and therapist meet to discuss the program goals and outcomes, role clarification, and how to partner together.
  • Therapist and student complete Rooted Life Adventure’s Release of Information, Mental Health History, and Program Goals.
  • Therapist works with student to prepare for the program.
During the Program:
  • Rooted Life Adventure shares the program’s weekly curriculum outline, goals, and objectives with therapists.
  • Students complete the program itinerary, psychoeducational curriculum, and wellness workshops.
  • Students and therapists continue their appointments virtually, 1 meeting per week.
  • Rooted Life Adventures and therapists coordinate meeting time on “Wellness Wednesday”. 
  • Rooted Life Adventure’s Wellness Director sends weekly group and individual updates to parents and therapists. Any questions or concerns the therapist may have can be addressed by the Wellness Director, on site 24/7.
Returning Home:
  • Upon program completion, the student reintegrates back home to a strong support network who engaged in their care and grew alongside them throughout the program.

Partner with us!

We need your unique perspective and experience to continue targeting specific teen / young adult emotional and behavioral patterns that continue to shape shift as our world changes. 

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